How to provide shelter to your beauty this monsoon

Aug 17, 2015 No Comment

Monsoons are surely welcomed and cherished by everyone. But this season is marked by its own characteristics and impressions on our skin as well as hairs. Irrespective of the skin type, there arises a need to protect oneself in this rainy weather. Some might face minor issues while for others people, things could grow a lot bigger. So here we are listing out the common problems and their solutions so that your beauty doesn’t just get washed away!

Problem 1: Increase in the number of acnes

Solution: People, who have a very oily skin, should wash their face more than once for sure, especially after exposure to the outside environment. It will help in removing excess oil and dirt. Application of mild moisturizer after wash will take care of the skin’s moisture balance.

Problem 2: Hair fall, excess of it!

Solution: Combination of sweat and moisture weighs down your hairs and makes them prone to falling off the scalp. You have to maintain the delicate balance of moisture so that they don’t get too sticky nor too dry. When they are going too dry, apply coconut oil. Avoid using olive or almond oil in monsoons as they are heavier in density. Wash your hairs more often than other seasons. Avoid chemical treatments as sweat can give rise to reactions caused by them.

Problem 3: Dull skin, loss of radiance.

Solution: Keep your face clean. Go for cleansing treatments like facials more frequently than any other time of the year. Moisture in the air clogs the pores of the skin which is why it requires some breathing space. Scrubs will be your real friends which can be safely and freely used twice a week.

Problem 4: Allergies

Solution: Use the make-up products with caution. Use a cleanser to remove the make-up and avoid using harsh chemicals on the skin. Use of fruits will be advisable to keep yourself in the safe zone. After treatments like waxing, manicure, pedicure etc., make sure you moisturize the skin properly with the help of a gentle massage. Hire a good beautician who knows how to practice the job carefully.

Problem 5: Itching

Solution: Sure we all love getting in the rain, but the fun might come with a cost. Some people end up facing red skin due to itching on scalp as well as foot. Best way out is to clean and moisturize. Try to keep your head covered while getting wet in the rain. Pat dry the skin because leaving the skin moistened will cause even more itching.

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