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Wearing makeup, a universal feature of attractiveness, is more than a physical experience for many women. Spending minutes, hours or more in the process of enhancing attractiveness depends on the occasion. Going out tonight? It’s time to sit in front of the mirror with our bay of trucks- foundation, eye shadow, liner, blush and lipstick. It is seen as finishing touches in the grooming process, and ranges from light and natural to heavy and dramatic.

Why do women wear the metaphorical war paint? For many women, putting up makeup and the camaraderie of doing so with friends is one of the most exciting things. All these cosmetics may be an evolutionary urge to show off our most feminine traits so that we can attain a universal beauty ideal. But, are today’s cosmetics consistent?

It’s just a 9min game to have that perfect look for the entire day, go for basic:

  • Foundation appears foundational. Acts as a base plate, widely recognized as enhancing beauty giving a stronger impression of health and symmetry (3min).
  • Focus on eyes. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, your eyes speaks it all, so most women enhance their eyes for a layer look. Your lashes lengthened, separated, curled and you instantly add flirtation to your features. (2min)
  • A bit of blush. When you looking for beauty- you notice their eyes, skin, lips but when you see those glowing glossy rosy-cheeks it translates as youthful, natural beauty a sign of innocence, as if you just run through a meadow. (3min)
  • Lipstick? Colour me RED. Colour matters, wearing pale colour shades over brighter ones makes a difference. Women with red lips are in fact perceived more attractive, in connection with authority and assertiveness. It’s like a traffic light for anyone in your path (1min).

Makeup simply makes you look healthier. Women pictured wearing cosmetics were evaluated as healthier, more confident and even having greater earning potential.Makeup allows us to do draw attention of what we love about ourselves, but it allows us to treat and transform the features. Many factors can play into personal attractiveness- the way you dress, act, the way you carry yourself, but the first thing we notice when we meet someone is the face. It’s considered that women who wear makeup are insecure about their looks, personality but experts says that wearing right kind of makeup boosts your energy level giving you a feeling of self confidence, AFTER ALL LOOKS MATTER. Loving makeup and getting insecure let’s rule out:

  • Makeup is for highlighting, NOT hiding-It isn’t about putting a mask and hiding your worst it’s about learning your favorite things about yourself.
  • Makeup is ART-It’s a way to experiment with color and shading in a new way.
  • Its Fashion- No one looks at a girl in killer 4- inch heels and a glamorous outfit with no tiny bit of makeup, it’s a little hard something missing, you may look gorgeous but adding on a great eye shadow or a killer Lipper says it all.
  • It’s Fun and I Wear makeup For Me- Makeup is not, contrary to popular belief, about impressing other people. It is what you make it of it. It is a choice.

When you feel look good, you look good! You are already beautiful-Like the page in the coloring book- you just need a little color!!

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