Top 10 Bridal Nail Colours for This Wedding Season

Sep 20, 2014 No Comment

#1. Aurora Red

Create an aura of sophistication around you with this hot shade of red this winter. Red has always been an inevitable part of every woman’s makeup kit. This year, the red is here for you in the form of aurora red. For all the brides-to-be, you can don this color even if you are not going with red for your wedding dress. This will add a traditional element in your contemporary attire.

#2. Bright Cobalt

Put this chic and classic color on your nails to flaunt an absolute royal look. Show your strong side in the most feminine manner with this bright cobalt color. All the newlyweds attending various parties and dinners post-wedding, this color is a must for you all.

#3. Radiant Orchid

Flatter the world with your hands by donning this beautiful fusion of purple, pink, and fuchsia. The rosiness of this color will give your hands a natural glow. Many designers have already used this color in their bridal collection for this season. Hence, get ready to enchant the world by adding this captivating color in your palette.

#4. Misted Yellow

Feel the warmth in this winter with this rich shade of yellow. The softness of this color will add subtleness in the look of your hands, and will also reflect optimism in your mood. Newlyweds can try this comfortable and pleasantly relaxing color when they are in their new homes, so as to reflect happiness around.

#5. Strawberry Ice

Rightly named after the cool delicacy, the strawberry ice reflects warmth through its subtleness. It is an ideal shade for the brides to evoke flirtatiousness in their husbands, in the most elusive and playful manner.

#6. Flame Orange

Heat up the atmosphere around you this winter, with this fiery color on your nails. This color is a hot choice of designers for bridal wear in this wedding season. Hence, the brides-to-be can safely wear this color on their nails for any of their wedding functions.

#7. Dusk Blue

The dusk blue color is quite popular for this fall, and will be making waves in the world of nail colors as well. This is another very good option for newlyweds to apply on their nails when they are spending private time with their partners. This color is symbolic of being faithful and dependable. So, express your fidelity in front of your partner through this perennially favorite shade.

#8. Sangria

Add excitement as well as romanticism to your look by applying this exotic shade of red, i.e., sangria, on your nails. Try this sexy nail color on your honeymoon to add more glamour in your married life.

#9. Lush Teal

Go green in this season with this refreshingly cool and fresh color. This is a color that you can wear on your nails almost every other day. Match the lush teal color of your nails with some vibrant colored dresses in this winter, to convey the energy and excitement in your mind.

#10. Mauve Mist

Another color of this season from the purple family is this gorgeous variation of lavender, i.e., mauve mist. This rich and subtle color creates a delicate and feminine ambiance. You can always try this color on your nails while you are at your workplace, or out in with your husband to spend good time together.

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