VanityCube’s Nail Art Event for Online Giants Jabong and FoodPanda

Aug 25, 2015 No Comment

Ladies and freedom are the two hot words that are often discussed together. To make things more happening for everyone, VanityCube was present for the event organized by Xerion Retail Pvt. Ltd. for the beautiful ladies out there. They got a chance to further enhance their aesthetics and be patriotic at the same time through the nail art where emphasis was given on the use of colours of our national flag.

Every lady glows with pride when she receives that second look of check-out and silent appreciation. Grooming oneself at regular intervals is so much important to receive those compliments. But for working women, taking the appropriate time out could be a bit difficult. The employers at Xerion helped the women employees to beautify their appearances and whenever it’s about grooming, VanityCube comes into picture where head to toe beauty is taken care of.

At the start of the event everyone was full of patriotism in their hearts and zeal for showing off the same through the medium of nail art. Our artists were all set with their tools and ideas in mind. Till the end of the event, while being creative to their best level, the artists also discussed the meaning of freedom and independence in today’s fast running lives which further helped them in making a design to reflect the true personality of the lovely ladies.

Nail Art immensely enhance the looks of manicured hand. Manicure services with VaniyCube are truly worthy as after the service ladies love to flaunt their hands and movements. Gentle and precise care of every tip of lady’s hands is our team’s prime concern more than mere job. Needless to mention, manicure followed by nail art wonderfully dresses lady’s hands for every occasion. For that reason, extra care was taken, at the event, to give a different set of design on every lady’s nails.  The aura of little play of tri colour brought a smile on everyone’s face. It was like a celebration in itself which was also accompanied by a treat of food. The art not only made them look trendy but also gave them a good feeling of being an Indian working women, which is the real essence of being “free and independent” in today’s time.

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