Hair Trimmer Vs. Hair Clipper – Which one should I Buy?

Varied hairstyles are ruling the fashion world today. One popular style among youngsters is long, flowing locks which look great on both males and females alike!

But with so many styles to choose from (bob cuts, pixies cut), it can be a little overwhelming for some people who don’t know where or how they would like their hair styled.

Luckily there are wonderful tools such as hair clippers and hair trimmer that allow you to groom your own tresses. You can do it all at your home! No more to go through all the hassle of visiting an overpriced salon or barber.

Let’s dig in to know how a hair trimmer is different from a Hair clipper:

What is a Hair Trimmer?

A hair trimmer is a device used to trim short hair. Made of thin and non-adjustable blades, it has fine close gapped teeth which allow trimming hair close to the skin. Trimmers come with detachable attachments to give different types of cuts. It can be used for purposes such as trimming the back of the neck, or dry shaving a beard.

What are the benefits of a Hair Trimmer?

Hair trimmers are great for people with sensitive skin as it is a good replacement for a shaver. The most significant advantage of a trimmer is styling. It is perfect for styling hair in smaller areas to achieve a certain look. Cordless trimmers have a battery life of two hours on average. Hair trimmers are compact, light, and portable. They also come with attachments.

What are the disadvantages of a Hair Trimmer?

Hair Trimmers are not for people with long hair. It might get caught in a snag and create problems owing to its fine blades. Hair trimmers are meant for small hair only. So, unless one maintains short hair, a hair trimmer is not for them. A cordless hair trimmer has a lesser power output than a corded hair trimmer.

What is a Hair Clipper?

A hair clipper can be called an electrical replacement to a scissor. These devices are used to chop off long hair in big areas after which barbers use a hair trimmer to trim out smaller hair. They have attachments that give the desired outline too. In short, hair clippers assist hair trimmers in giving the perfect cut.

What are the benefits of a Hair Clipper?

Hair Clippers help save time as one does not have to chop off hair manually with a scissor. It can chop off big chunks of hair at the same time. Since it comes with different attachments, hair can be styled and cut according to the desired length.

What are the disadvantages of using a Hair Clipper?

Hair clippers cannot cut close and cannot be used to cut short hair. They also need regular lubrication and maintenance. Lubrication requires oil which is an added expense. Cordless hair clippers have an average battery life of 2 hours. They have a lower power output in comparison to corded hair clippers. Hair clippers often give the hair a rough and messy look. They are often bulky and double the size of a hair trimmer.

Comparison between Hair Trimmer and Hair Clipper

Hair trimmer vs hair clipper: They are very closely related. A hair clipper is more of an automated version of a scissor. It is intended to cutting blocks of hair on the head in larger areas not very near the skin. They possess wider teeth spacing and adjustable blades. In comparison, a hair trimmer is used to work on the finer details but is non-adjustable. It cuts much closer than a clipper with its fine, closed teeth. It is designed to outline, dry shave, lightly shape and edge smaller areas such as around the ears or sideburns, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hair Trimmer better or Hair Clipper?

Both components are useful and complement each other. In the case of long hair, a hair clipper is used first and a hair trimmer second. Both can be used to style hair with finesse and give the user their desired look. Ultimately, it boils down to a personal choice on which the user finds better.

How much power does my hair clipper or trimmer need?

On average, home use hair clippers and trimmers require a power of 11 Watts and 115V AC. Industrial use hair clippers and trimmers require a power output of 40 Watts and 115V AC.


Both hair clippers and hair trimmers are devices for cutting and shaping hair. They complement each other as they need to be used together to achieve the desired look.