Hair Trimming

What is Hair Trimming? – Vanity Cube

Hair trimming or cutting is a way to remove excess hair from the body. It includes the shaving back of the neck and around the nape, nose, ear, brows, etc. Hair trimming can also refer to removing hair from any other part of your body that you feel needs tidying up.

In human beings, hair is a crowning glory. If left to grow beyond a certain length, they give an ugly look and lose their shine and charm. Hair trimming is required if it grows beyond a certain limit because nature does not intend us to have long hair all over the body.

In earlier times, men would shave off their beards. The reason was that the beard would become too thick if left to grow for more than a month. After shaving off the beard, they would let the hair on their head continue to grow as per usual.

Today, however, men and women shave all their body hair, except perhaps those on the head and eyebrows. It has come to be known as body hair trimming or hair shaving.

What are the instruments needed to shave my hair?

You will need the following things to shave off the excess hair growth:

  • An electronic shaver
  • A manual razor or trimmer
  • Shaving cream/gel Antiseptic lotion
  • Shower cap or a clean towel

The reasons for body hair trimming are that the hairs may interfere with clothing, irritate the skin and pores, give an unpleasant appearance even though they grow only in small numbers on some parts of the human anatomy.

11 benefits of hair trimming

Hair trimming is a normal activity carried out by many people. Here are some benefits of hair trimming:

1) It makes you look more attractive and pleasing to others

When you have long hair all over the body, it may give an unappealing appearance and cause discomfort. Men, in particular, feel awkward when they have long hair all over the body. So, for these reasons, hair shaving is carried out. It immediately makes you look better and more appealing to others.

2) It makes your head feel lighter

When you shave off your beard or upper lips, it gives an impression that the head has become lighter. With no weight on the upper lips, you will feel that your head has become less heavy.

3) It gives a better appearance when wearing a turba

If hair is growing on the sides of your face and at the back of your neck, it may interfere with the turban you wear. In such cases, trimming or shaving these areas becomes essential.

4) It enhances the graceful look of your head

If you do not want to wear a cap or a hat but want to show off your good looks, you need to trim your hair properly and make it neat.

5) It makes you look more masculine

Most men today prefer sporting short haircuts and styles as they enhance their masculine look. Quelling hair growth on the body makes them appear more manly and handsome, especially around the neck.

6) It saves you from skin irritation

If you have long hair growing in many small areas – such as those under your arms or inside your thighs – it may cause a lot of itching and discomfort. Shaving off these areas will stop this irritation.

7) It makes you look clean

If you do not clip your hair, it becomes dirty with time. As a result, even after taking regular baths, you may feel unclean and unkempt.

8) It saves time required for styling

When you have a well-styled haircut, it requires time and energy to maintain it. But, when you have a short haircut, you only need to take a quick shower and blow-dry your hair for a neat look.

9) It reduces the risk of lice infestation

Hair trimming helps prevent the spread of lice. Trimming makes it very easy to maintain hygiene and keep your hair clean all the time

10) It saves you from frequent visits to the barber

When you have long hair, you need to visit your barber more frequently for trimming. But, when you have short hair, you only need a haircut once in around six months.

How much hair is a trim?

If the length of your hair exceeds 2 inches in some areas, you need to clip it when trimming. You can even trim when the hair is just 1/4th inch long.

What are the types of hair shaving?

Men shave their body hairs in three ways – with an electronic shaver, manual razor, or trimmer. Here is the difference between each method:

Electronic shavers are the best when it comes to shaving off hairs in small areas. They are cordless and have a thin head with rotating blades that easily cut through long, soft hairs. Razors are easy to hold in your hand when trimming. These are also easy to carry when you are traveling.

Trimmers are best for clipping hair long before they grow up to 2 inches in length. Trimming is easy with the help of this type of clipper as it makes very little noise and ensures that no strands are left uncut.

How often should I trim my hair?

If you have long hair, you need to trim them every fourth day. If your long hairs are not irritating you and you do not feel uncomfortable with their weight and length, you can let them grow freely.

It would help if you only shaved the body hairs when they grow beyond 1/4th inch in length, as this is the ideal time for shaving. Avoid shaving too early as it may irritate your skin.

What should I do while trimming my hair?

While clipping the excess hair from your body, you should always stand in a way that prevents the scissors or shaver from cutting through the skin. Over-zealousness will only result in nicks and cuts on your skin. Be gentle while clipping your hair. Make sure that the blade cuts only the hair and not the skin. When using an electronic shaver or trimmer, you may feel pain if the blades are too sharp.

What should I do when trimming my private parts?

It is best to trim your private parts at home rather than visiting a barbershop. Let your partner help you if required. Pull the skin tight while clipping around the area for better results.